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Women of Wisdom in Tuscany

Once every European summer Buzz takes a group of women to her villa in the hills of Tuscany, Italy for an unparalleled experience. They break bread and have conversation, shop, laugh, share, walk the narrow local roads into the woods or nearby villages, have immense fun and learn much. Some of them come together as long-standing friends; all go away as friends for a lifetime.

Former guests have acknowledged the experience in the following ways:

“You have created a beautiful space for awakening old memories of silence, inner wisdom and women’s love.”
“I will always treasure our memories.”
“What magic, what joy, what laughter you created for all of us”.
“Cherished memories and new members of my Front Row”.
“I loved the connection between the girls brought about in such a wise natural way.”

Buzz’s passion for Italy and Tuscany in particular began when, as a 22 year old on her first visit, she declared that one day she would purchase a villa there, a dream she fulfilled 20 years later with her husband. Since 1988 she has called the upper reaches of Tuscany, the Garfagnana, home for at least a part of every year, and for the entire year of 2001. For twenty seven years she has combed the hills, exploring villages and hamlets, bars and restaurants, markets and shops selling the exquisite produce of the area; Chestnut and acacia honey, wild boar salami, local olives, foccacia and ciabatta that melt in your mouth, rich green freshly-harvested extra virgin olive oils, wines from local grapes, sweet and salty prosciutto, rich runny gorgonzola, sheep and goat cheeses made in a tiny ‘factory’ in the next village, and so on. All these delights and more await you during the WOW experiences.

But this trip is about you. Your knowledge, wisdom, eagerness to learn and your passion and sense of fun is what will make this trip thoroughly memorable. What you will bring to the table will affect your fellow travellers like never before in this quiet village perched on the side of a hill with a view of a 10th century ruined fortress on the hill opposite which caused an earlier visitor to remark “If this isn’t heaven, you can see it from here”.

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For more information and a complete itinerary and costing of the Experience please email us. Visit the website for more information or how to rent the villa or studio.