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Sfinx Women

In 2003 whilst working in China, Buzz and a colleague Connie Schottky from the Netherlands created an organisation called Sfinx Women. Sfinx creates empowering events for discerning women, taking groups of international women to fabulous places around the world up to four times a year.

At each event Sfinx Principals Connie and Buzz aim for a mix of creative, practical, spiritual, networking, team building and cultural activities in their learning program.

We have cutting edge information on many aspects of personal development such as the core transformation work we did in Venice and the relationship sessions we did in Buenos Aires and Bhutan. We shared fascinating bio-nutritional work in Africa, financial strategies for women in Bhutan as well as the creation of our 2008 goals whilst we were high in the Himalayas. In Morocco we worked on supporting each other’s business or life challenges and in the Andes we were gifted spiritual blessings and strategies for wealth in challenging economic times.

Relationship is a theme we will build into many of our programs due to overwhelming requests from our members, and an area where both directors have much expertise to pass on.

We celebrate the feminine power brought about by knowledge and compassion and we celebrate our camaraderie and connection with other fabulous women we might otherwise not meet. Our events are the beginnings of lifelong friendships across the globe.

The spiritual teacher who joins every event enables a gentle awakening of the five senses in a way that could well open up amazing new possibilities in our lives, and this aspect is built upon at each event as well as introduced again for our newcomers. Whatever your individual level of spiritual awareness, you will come away with a deepened inner knowledge to take into your daily life.

The camaraderie of sharing ‘sundowners’ on an African plain at nightfall, of playing in St Mark’s Square in Venice in glamorous Renaissance costumes and beautiful masks, enjoying the art and history of St Petersburg and Tallinn, exploring the ancient culture and shopping of Istanbul, of learning how to tango in Buenos Aires, of climbing to the cliff-side monastery of Tiger’s Nest in the Bhutanese Himalaya and team building on a challenging rock climb in the heart of the Drakensburg mountains on the west coast of South Africa are experiences that go deep to the soul, and ones that enrich our lives and allow us to create even more magic in our lives and the lives of our families, friends and colleagues when we return home. 

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