Buzz McCarthy, Relationship Consultantrelationship counselling


Buzz, thank you so much for assisting my brother with his relationship and for getting him back on track.  The difference you have made has been life changing for him and put him right back on track.  I would certainly recommend you as a relationship coach and facilitator to anyone not just experiencing issues but for anyone who is in any type of relationship.  It certainly helps having someone with your experience and expertise to shift an existing relationship from ‘good to great’ or to assist people in getting their life back on track after having been in a relationship that hasn’t quite worked.
Jayne Marsh,
Director, Performability, Melbourne

Buzz is an excellent example of how you can live life to the full; managing and revelling in the different roles she plays; always with an outcome, always with fun and style and sophistication and always with others in mind. Since her late 20’s Buzz’s passion has been self improvement. She has had many teachers and together with her innate wisdom and energy has developed a formidable reputation for influencing the lives of others. Even more than that, her subtle comments, her questions, her examples and stories enable those around her to easily and effortlessly make more compelling choices in their own lives. Small choices often that have a huge impact like the ripples of a pond skimmed with a stone. Through her tutelage and guidance over the past six or so years I have made some major decisions about my life that bring me now to the point where I am totally focussed on the things that are important – my family and friends, my goals, my health and vitality and my never-ending learning and growing, and I am having the best fun.
Robert Vickers-Willis
Professional Mentoring for Leadership and Team Development, Melbourne

Buzz has empowered me to take charge of my life and re-align my focus to achieve more from myself and my relationships.  Buzz has expert knowledge, experience and wisdom on life and relationships that are forthright, thought provoking and ultimately powerful enough to evoke self-enlightenment.  I highly recommend Buzz to all the males out there who are wishing to reach their highest potential and give their gifts freely to the world around them.
Michael Zajer, Melbourne

Buzz has the most uncanny ability to see through the curtain and dive right to the precise place that needs to be exposed. Her intuition is brilliant. The belief she has in her clients and standards she holds them to, insures their certain success.
Cynthia Freeman, MCC, MA.
Newport Beach, California

Buzz McCarthy is a global leader in relationship counselling. She brings together years of knowledge, experience and cutting edge technology to deliver amazing outcomes for her clients. I have recently had first hand experience, with a close family member and have experienced the most astonishing results. She is professional, congruent, inspirational and life changing.
Vicki Crowe
Cannon Recruitment, Melbourne