Buzz McCarthy, Relationship Consultantrelationship counselling

Why Buzz?

What differentiates a conversation with Buzz from a conversation with another kind of therapist?

First and foremost Buzz is passionate about people maximising their lives.

Traditional psychotherapists focus on a problem – they look at symptoms, define the problem and base their treatment on that diagnosis.

Buzz is a Psychoneurologist and has been practicing this technique for as long as she has been working with people – around 20 years. The approach of a Psychoneurologist is to focus on solutions. It is not necessary to have a client dig up things in their past, often painfully, to find solutions to take them where they want to go.

Buzz’s work with the sub-conscious, which drives up to 90% of our behaviour, enables her to effect change easily and effortlessly with the client’s full permission. NLP and Hypnotherapy are the modalities used.

Psychoneurology defined: Psychoneurology is the study of the interactions between the brain and the nervous system. The application of Psychoneurology involves the addition of new elements, called resources, to change the internal experiences of a person and thereby affect their behaviour and attitude. The addition of these resources precludes the necessity to apply medication, surgery or other invasive procedure to achieve an altered state of behaviour and feeling

A Spiritual Perspective

With the uncertainty in today’s world more and more people are seeking answers that don’t come from traditional textbooks or teaching.

There is much to be learned from the ancient and current wisdom of both East and West and much richness to be had from these areas.

In her late 20’s when Buzz had already travelled through more than 60 countries and lived and worked in London and Buenos Aires, she returned to Melbourne with a desire to find out more about life. Her journey commenced with a visit to a recommended psychologist with the query “I know there is more to life and I want to find out what that more is”. This stumped the psychologist who spent two futile sessions trying to elicit bogies from Buzz’s past which did not exist.

So the enquiry was made in other places and over the past thirty years Buzz has studied and learned from many, many wonderful teachers who have shaped her life and her spiritual beliefs and helped her add much joy to the simple things of life.

What she will bring to your sessions is not just a practical sensible attitude about how to get on with life and create what you want, or some invaluable information on how to create and maintain sufficient resources to enjoy your life to the maximum, or how to get out of a marriage or long term relationship and rebuild your life in a powerful way, but you will get a spiritual perspective that might have you seeing your life in a new and delightful way.

Buzz’s studies have included optimal nutrition and anti-ageing, the healing modality of Reiki, archetypes, the power of truth, the chakras, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, kinesiology, meditation, energy healing, Oneness, aromatherapy, and more.

This holistic approach has been much appreciated by clients over the years to enable them to make more sense of their lives and their challenges. It has been a rich experience for many.