Cara Amici

Here in the hills of Tuscany with nothing to do but read, eat, swim, sample the vino and all other good things, I have been smitten by the writing bug.

I’ve posted a dozen or more blogs on www.TuscanVillageLife.com and if you’re not signed up to it then you may want to pop over and do so.

Everything from Olive Oil, the marble mountains of Carrara, Tuscan doors, the 1920 Earthquake that took my village, how and when to buy chooks, births, marriages, deaths and elections: how it’s done in Italy, and of course snippets of the amazing journey from falling in love with Tuscany as a 22 year old to owning this piece of paradiso for 27 years.

Lots of pictures too…including this one in my latest blog of our first night in the villa way back in 1989.

1989 first dinner

So if you’re tempted to read more about the wonderful time-warp quality of my gentle hills, direct yourself to WWW.TUSCANVILLAGELIFE.COM and sign up for my blogs which will appear regularly whilst I am here for another month or sp.

Ciao for now